Introduction to SEO for Business Entrepreneurs

lern traffic generation techniquesAs an entrepreneur, you should be looking for ways to get your website ranked higher and to maintain that ranking that you can then translate into marketing opportunities and better sales. That is where SEO comes in. This SEO course will get you acquainted with the way Search engines operate and how you can use that knowledge to make changes to your website so that you can get noticed by the Search engines like Google and Yahoo for more traffic to your website.

You will be equipped with the necessary tools to optimise your website so that the visitors to your website have a better experience that will attract more organic and unique visitors to the site. It is important that you grasp the use of Keywords and how they affect SEO as well as how to write articles for websites that defer greatly from mainstream writing. By the end of the course, you should be able to improve the ranking of your website and in turn increase traffic to promote sales for your company.

This course aims at teaching mainly the basics of SEO without burdening you with the advanced details of search engine optimisation.

Course topics will include:

– Understanding SEO
– How SEO can promote sales for your company
– How search engines operate
– Writing for SEO
– Proper research and use of Keywords
– Creating valuable content to increase traffic to your website
– How to create effective page title tags
– What search engines consider spam
– How to use links to optimise your website
– Optimising your site for better user experience
– The web designs that will hurt your rankings
– How to deal with web crawlers for better SEO
– Optimizing your site for mobile users
– Use of headline tags
– Use of pictures for better SEO
– Overview of important search engines and directories
– Monitoring and evaluating your website’s ranking

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