How to protect the environment and extend the life of your smartphone

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How to protect the environment and extend the life of your smartphone

Electronics requires rare earth, very polluting to extract and politically sensitive. As for metals such as cobalt or tantalum, they have too often emerged from the ground under deplorable conditions. The vast majority of the CO² emitted by a smartphone during its lifetime comes from its manufacture.

Our advice is to keep your device as long as possible and only change it when you need it. Here are all our tips to make sure your smartphone has a long life.

Choosing the right phone

A new and recent device deserves to spend at least 150 to 250 euros, but some raise this figure to 400 euros, which corresponds to the mid-range. No matter how much you choose to spend, since you will keep the phone longer.

For environmental considerations, it may be an excellent option to buy a used or refurbished smartphone. For all owners combined, their lives will have been much longer. Refurbished phones are half recycled, half new versions of the devices.

When you want to change your phone, if it still works properly, you can sell it on the second-hand market or give it to someone. An appliance that is permanently out of service must finally be recycled or reconditioned. Recycling is a last resort.

Protect the smartphone from the elements

To protect the screen, which is often the first element to break in a smartphone, stick a good quality protective film on it. If the screen still cracks, it should be repaired as soon as possible, either by yourself or through a repairer. Dust can seep into the breaches and damage the underlying elements.

It’s essential to keep your smartphone clean. They are best cleaned with a microfiber cloth, as with eyeglasses, and do not like contact with cleaning products or damp wipes. Dust tends to accumulate in speakers and connectors, which can cause them to malfunction. All this must be blown out with a compressed air bomb, available from electronics retailers.

In everyday life, it is better to keep the phone safe from extreme conditions. In addition to not dropping it into the water, it must also be kept away from moisture, being careful in the rain, for example. The sand is abrasive and can damage the connectors. Finally, very cold or hot temperatures can damage the battery, and leaving your smartphone in the sun is not suitable for the screen.

Taking care of the battery

You can let the battery drop to a few percent charges, although it’s good to keep a little more margin. Leaving the smartphone connected 100% for a long time, at night, usually is not a problem (even if it is useless): the charging stops automatically when the battery is full.

Limiting the energy consumed is also an effective strategy, although a little constraining daily, and is very useful when the battery ages. Energy management applications exist, although there is no consensus on their effectiveness. Effective measures include manually reducing brightness, avoiding vibrating mode, or disabling GPS and other mobile connections when not in use.

When the battery is dead, it must be replaced. The procedure is more or less easy to do at home, and it is a cheap option if the smartphone is no longer under warranty. Otherwise, all repairers offer this kind of service.

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Slack is getting new features

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Slack is getting new features

“Make sure that Slack users have as little need as possible to open other software.” It seems to be the goal of the company that is organizing Frontiers in San Francisco on April 24 and 25, 2019, a great success for its customers and partners.

It is also an opportunity to make announcements on the most recent developments of the software whose ambition remains the same: to make people’s work “more pleasant, easier and more productive.”

Connect to your mailboxes

How? By making cross-application use easier and simpler. You work in a company, and you have a colleague who doesn’t use Slack when you are addicted? It doesn’t matter, since from now on your messages will be sent to him via e-mail. It will be able to answer with the same media, and his answer will appear on your conversation thread. This new service works with Outlook, Gmail and major email accounts.

By the way, Slack announces that he has improved his search engine. From now on it will be easier to find an element whether it is a member of a conversation, a term used in a discussion or the name of a file inserted in a group.

Open to the outside world

Slack will also make what are known here as “shared channels,” or shared communication channels, more accessible. While Slack is handy within companies, the new features announced aim to make conversation between users from one company to another easier. It means acknowledging an evolution in the way of working for this tool. Slack is reputed to facilitate teamwork. Teamwork is becoming more and more open.

With it, the company’s boundaries become more porous. In other words, to move a project forward, it is not enough to bring people together in a department but to communicate with external people. It will be done with this new service that opens Slack up more. A company-specific icon will distinguish people working in another firm to avoid confusion, which may be useful to prevent spreading confidential information. This feature is not limited to two companies. For example, Slack’s press relations manager ensures that information is shared in this way with all the agencies with which he works worldwide.

The young recruit will thus be able to answer a pre-written questionnaire, for example concerning the type of computers he needs. Slack’s teams assure you that these applications will be straightforward to build. We can do it without being a developer. Note: users of the free version will only be able to develop 10 workflows, unlike users of the paid version who will not have this limit.                          

Conquer by opening

The five ads are in the same direction: making Slack a necessary but not sufficient tool. Indeed, Slack does not multiply ad hoc developments so much as it confirms the philosophy of its development: to be all the more open to other software and platforms as it guarantees to be more and more essential. It is as if the company’s strategists had taken note of the fact that today no company, however powerful it may be, can offer a suite that covers all uses. The solution is then to be the most open so that users remain on the in-house platform rather than opening up the tools of potential competitors. At Slack, on Howard Street, in-house spokespeople say it: “We easily collaborate with Microsoft, Google….. To date”, this strategy has paid off and will soon lead Slack into the financial markets.

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Surface Go, Microsoft’s response to iPad and Chromebooks

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Surface Go, Microsoft’s response to iPad and Chromebooks

Beginning of the last month, Microsoft made the announcement of its new Surface Go, a tablet released to take marketshare off Apple’s “almighty” iPad, with an alternative vision, and a moderate price. The device will be available this summer.

To power of the Surface Go is offering up to nine hours of autonomy. Microsoft has set its sights on the Intel Pentium Gold 4415Y, a dual-core processor that would be a good balance between performance, efficiency and temperature control (an important data for an object with a minimalist and fanless design). For $399, you will get 4 GB of RAM and 64 GB for files (eMMC). For $549, the RAM will be doubled, as well as the storage space (SSD). LTE versions will arrive later.

In terms of connections, the Surface Go gives way to the USB-C connectors, an interface capable of charging the tablet and sending a video signal. The Surface Connector, proprietary format, is also there, as is the microSD card reader and jack port. There is also a camera at the front and rear.

Like the Surface Pro, the Go version will be accompanied by a battery of accessories, in order to become a productivity-oriented device. All accessories are optional, to keep the price low. This includes the backlit keyboard with a large trackpad ($99 or $129 if you choose its version with soft Alcantara coating), Bluetooth mouse ($35) and stylus ($99). A 64 GB Surface Go with stylus will cost $498. An iPad 6 with 32 GB and a Pencil cost $428.

In this configuration, the Go is much more a PC than a substitute for the iPad.

During the first boot, the Surface Go will run under Windows 10 S, Microsoft’s closed operating system. But owners are free to switch to the normal OS for free.

Features offered by Microsoft

In terms of functionality, we were presented with new possibilities with PowerPoint, which can now use artificial intelligence to help you make beautiful presentations. It can now, according to your choices, adapt to offer you suggestions for future presentations that you may like. New 3D animations can also be added and triggered with the tablet stylus. A really good idea if you are used to making presentations.

Another interesting feature is in OneNote. And this one should please parents and children. Indeed, it is possible to select a text so that the software can break it into syllables to facilitate learning to read. Moreover, by clicking on each word, the child will be able to see a small illustration image of the selected word. A real plus for learning to read.

Although these features have been around for some time, they take on a new dimension with this kind of tablet that is powerful, yet ergonomic and affordable. Microsoft has also sniffed the good idea since the firm will offer significant discounts for education, professionals, but also students. Microsoft definitely seems to demonstrate its desire to compete with Apple’s iPad.

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10 tips to become a good entrepreneur

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10 tips to become a good entrepreneur

If you’re reading this article, it’s because you’re interested in entrepreneurship and you’ve already thought about it, or you’ve already done it! In both cases, these 16 tips will help you keep in mind the key points of a good entrepreneur.

1. Be curious

lonely nights aheadCuriosity is often said to be a dangerous defect. For a good entrepreneur, this is an essential quality! Inform yourself, read and learn. You can even create a blog to share what you’ve learned. Being curious will allow you to open your mind and discover the world around you, to better improve it!

2. Don’t expect immediate success

Unless you’ve created the pill to make anyone immortal, don’t expect immediate success. Entrepreneurship is a marathon and not a sprint, take the time to ask yourself the right questions and answer them. To cultivate a long-lasting spirit, don’t hesitate to exercise regularly, to surround yourself with energetic people and above all, don’t forget that you are human and that you need to relax!

3. Create something you like

If you are embarking on entrepreneurship, it is above all to do a job that you like. If you are passionate about what you do, it will be reflected in your accomplishments. Doing something you enjoy is motivating, and that’s what will wake you up early in the morning to continue your project!

4. It’s never too late to get started.

Just because you’re 50 doesn’t mean you can’t start the project of your dreams. There is no age limit to the determination and desire to succeed. To give you an example, Arianna Huffington created the Huffington Post at the age of 55!

5. Don’t be afraid of failure

When we talk about entrepreneurship, we often talk about the success stories that we all envy. We’re talking a little less about the more numerous failures, and that’s a good thing! Don’t be afraid to fail, that’s what blocks most people who want to get started. If you get started, and your project doesn’t succeed, it won’t be a failure because you will have at least learned things, gained experience for your next project!

6. Don’t be afraid of the unknown

be good entrepreneurGet out of your comfort zone; this is where fabulous things usually happen. It is not by staying at your favorite bar with your old friends that you will be able to open your mind. This point joins the one on curiosity. Discover new things!

7. Tell stories

All politicians will tell you: to attract the attention of an audience, you must have a story to tell. It’s the same for entrepreneurs. A good story about your project can only make it interesting for your target audience. Be authentic, forget the lengthening stories like “We were at a party, a bit drunk and it just came to us! »

8. Put customer service first!

It’s often the thing you don’t think about at first glance, and yet it’s the most important thing! Don’t think of your customers as buyers, but as people who keep your business going. If you treat them like kings, they will surely return it to you!

9. Don’t ever put “human” aside.

This point is related to the previous one because it is essential never to neglect this value. Never forget your loved ones, your family. Be close to your employees and customers, regardless of whether you run a multinational or a small business. The human relationship is the key to success.

10. Invest in social networks

Even if this may seem obvious today, it is still important to remember why we need to invest in social networks. These will allow you to build a healthy community, the basis of a good project. Also, you can learn a great deal just by listening and sharing.

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