Google launches Adiantum, an encryption system for low-end devices

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Google launches Adiantum, an encryption system for low-end devices

Google has officially unveiled its new encryption solution, designed to secure data stored in Android smartphones and other smart devices with insufficient processing power.

Adiantum was designed to work on phones and other smart devices “that do not have the specialized equipment needed to use current methods to encrypt locally stored data effectively,” said Eugene Liderman, Google’s director of mobile security strategy for Android.

In addition to low-cost Android devices for emerging markets, Adiantum can also optimize the encryption of all low-power Linux devices, as well as smart watches for connected medical devices.

A response to users’ expectations

Making sure that information stored on mobile phones is locked is a critical marketing strategy for people having personal data on their device.

That’s why most Android phones enable storage encryption by default. Smartphone manufacturers have even made this a requirement since Android 6.0. However, an exemption is provided for phones with low processing power, whereas it is precisely this latter that is required to perform encryption directly on the device.

For example, Android Go is designed for devices with low-end processors, delivered with 1GB or less of memory. On these devices, storage encryption is disabled by default to improve performance, or even non-existent. We can also mention the ARM Cortex-A7 processor, used by some phones, watches and connected TVs running on Android, which does not yet offer hardware support for AES (Advanced Encryption Standard).

Google has therefore created Adiantum to solve these problems and make everyone’s data more secure.

The importance of data confidentiality

After countless leaks and controversies that have affected all major consumer technology companies, data protection is more critical than ever.

That is why all these companies are communicating extensively about their privacy efforts. Earlier this week, Google already launched a Chrome extension, Password Checkup, to help thwart data breaches.

As an Open Source project, Adiantum is already available on GitHub. It is after the encryption solution has been circulating in developer circles for a few months now, increasing its notoriety even before its official release.

To restore its image in terms of data protection, it is in Google’s interest to have new solutions for a safer web, as well as for the security of connected devices. Liderman, therefore, took advantage of the week dedicated to the “Safer Internet” to announce the implementation of Adantium to the whole world:

“Just as you wouldn’t buy a phone without text messaging, there would be no excuse to compromise its security at the expense of its performance. Everyone should have access to privacy and data security, regardless of the price of their phone. »

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Advantages Of Using Dry Herb Vaporizers

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Advantages Of Using Dry Herb Vaporizers

The consumption of dry herbs without smoking has risen in popularity in recent years. A dry herb vaporizer is a battery-powered device that is used to inhale and exhale dry herb or dry flower. They are usually small in size and portable. The vaporizer turns tobacco, medical marijuana or robust herbs into a vapor. Combustion does not take place in the herbal vaporizers hence no smoke is produced.

Various benefits are associated with using dry herb vaporizers.

1. Healthy process due to the elimination of harmful toxins

Dry herb vaporizers are much healthier and safer alternatives to smoking due to how they work. After loading the robust herbs into the chamber, heating occurs at temperatures beneath the point of combustion hence no smoke flows into the user’ lungs. Advanced vaporizers now heat dry herbs with hot air thus producing combustion free vapor.

By inhaling vapor, the user avoids introducing carcinogenic elements such as tar into their lungs. Dry herb vaporizers are also safer for people with throat or respiratory problems. Their use reduces coughing and mucous build up.

2. Discreet

Most of the dry herb vaporizers are very compact units that are portable. It is very useful for people who would wish to be discreet. Portable dry herb vaporizers are small in size and thus provide flexibility in usage.

Some dry herb users are also conscious of the odor that emanates from smoking. Though it cannot be entirely avoided, vaporizers make the smell less conspicuous. It is extremely useful and important for people using or living in shared spaces.

3. Saves money

The initial cost to buy the vaporizer is high but worth it in the long run. Lesser herbs are used up because not all the cannabinoids are being burned. When using dry herb vaporizers, the active ingredients are preserved much longer instead of being destroyed immediately due to high temperatures.

4. Produces better flavor

Since burning is not involved the flavor of your chosen strain of herb is felt better. The burning taste is also eliminated by giving a better experience.

5. Convenient for group settings

Vaping sessions in a group can be a messy affair, especially when passing a roll around. Desktop vapes are usually larger and thus can serve a group. Desktop vapes guarantee big vapor clouds and better tastes due to their advanced vaporization technology. Overall the experience is generally cleaner.

6. Specialty experience using apps

High-end vapes come with an app that can be used to guide the vaping experience from setting the temperature, puff intensity, puff length, etc. Augmenting all these factors to one’s tastes leads to a good vape session while tailoring the vaporizer to operate at peak efficiency.

There are many advantages of using dry herb vaporizers in comparison to smoking. Using a dry herb vaporizer means the toxins you inhale are significantly reduced. Risks of diseases such as lung cancer are then diminished. In the long run, one can save on the cost of ingredients while enjoying the rich profile and flavor of their favorite dry herbs.

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Surface Go, Microsoft’s response to iPad and Chromebooks

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Surface Go, Microsoft’s response to iPad and Chromebooks

Beginning of the last month, Microsoft made the announcement of its new Surface Go, a tablet released to take marketshare off Apple’s “almighty” iPad, with an alternative vision, and a moderate price. The device will be available this summer.

To power of the Surface Go is offering up to nine hours of autonomy. Microsoft has set its sights on the Intel Pentium Gold 4415Y, a dual-core processor that would be a good balance between performance, efficiency and temperature control (an important data for an object with a minimalist and fanless design). For $399, you will get 4 GB of RAM and 64 GB for files (eMMC). For $549, the RAM will be doubled, as well as the storage space (SSD). LTE versions will arrive later.

In terms of connections, the Surface Go gives way to the USB-C connectors, an interface capable of charging the tablet and sending a video signal. The Surface Connector, proprietary format, is also there, as is the microSD card reader and jack port. There is also a camera at the front and rear.

Like the Surface Pro, the Go version will be accompanied by a battery of accessories, in order to become a productivity-oriented device. All accessories are optional, to keep the price low. This includes the backlit keyboard with a large trackpad ($99 or $129 if you choose its version with soft Alcantara coating), Bluetooth mouse ($35) and stylus ($99). A 64 GB Surface Go with stylus will cost $498. An iPad 6 with 32 GB and a Pencil cost $428.

In this configuration, the Go is much more a PC than a substitute for the iPad.

During the first boot, the Surface Go will run under Windows 10 S, Microsoft’s closed operating system. But owners are free to switch to the normal OS for free.

Features offered by Microsoft

In terms of functionality, we were presented with new possibilities with PowerPoint, which can now use artificial intelligence to help you make beautiful presentations. It can now, according to your choices, adapt to offer you suggestions for future presentations that you may like. New 3D animations can also be added and triggered with the tablet stylus. A really good idea if you are used to making presentations.

Another interesting feature is in OneNote. And this one should please parents and children. Indeed, it is possible to select a text so that the software can break it into syllables to facilitate learning to read. Moreover, by clicking on each word, the child will be able to see a small illustration image of the selected word. A real plus for learning to read.

Although these features have been around for some time, they take on a new dimension with this kind of tablet that is powerful, yet ergonomic and affordable. Microsoft has also sniffed the good idea since the firm will offer significant discounts for education, professionals, but also students. Microsoft definitely seems to demonstrate its desire to compete with Apple’s iPad.

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LG G7: LG confirms launch at the end of April and at a reasonable price

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LG G7: LG confirms launch at the end of April and at a reasonable price

The new LG G7 will land at the end of April. The Korean company has released some information on its smartphone and confirmed its release date.

LG revealed the release date of the LG G7 ThinQ to ETNews media. The LG G7 will have a preview in South Korea.

It will be unveiled at the end of April and available a few days later in mid-May. We do not yet know what the situation is for the other countries.

LG also stated that its smartphone will be offered at a reasonable price. Everything depends on LG but one can hope that it will be well below those of its direct competitors. That’s pretty good news.

The company has achieved this by limiting component costs. They opted for an M-LCD display rather than an OLED panel. It does not escape the famous notch.

The LG G7 will be the first smartphone of the brand to use M-LCD technology.

It is supposed to be 35% less energy consuming than a conventional LCD and offer the same level of quality as an OLED.

LG G7 ThinQ – opens up the door to artificial intelligence

The G7 will also be the first smartphone of the brand to be equipped with a 16MP dual camera with an aperture of f/1.5.

This dual sensor will see its capabilities multiplied tenfold by an artificial intelligence unit.

It is partly for this reason that the G7 is now labelled ThinQ. This is the recognition sign for all LG inflated AI devices.

The artificial intelligence of the camera will be able to improve photos in low light conditions or analyze subjects divided into eight different categories (portrait, food, pets, landscape, city, flower, sunrise and sunset).

AI is not limited to photography.

It is at the service of other functions such as the recognition of objects or places.

To summarize everything we know about the LG G7, the smartphone runs on a Snapdragon 845 processor. It has a FullVision screen with an 18:9 ratio and a notch.

The smartphone is equipped with 6GB of RAM and 64GB or 128GB of storage. The battery should be 3000mAh.

Finally, the hull manufacturer Olixar offers us a new overview of the smartphone through several 3D renderings.

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Bebop 2 power: Parrot ‘s answer to the DJI spark

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Bebop 2 power: Parrot ‘s answer to the DJI spark

DJI is giving its competitors a hard time following the release of the Mavic Pro last year (see more @Le Mavic). Many competitors such as French Parrot are trying to get their head out of the water, rather than betting on a new model, Parrot has come to recycle his famous bebop two by giving it high capabilities in shooting and live sharing on social networks.

amazing black mat finish

amazing black mat finish

The main idea is to rub shoulders with the brilliant spark of the Chinese manufacturer. For the occasion, parrot restyled its bebop two by adding the mention “Power” to it. But it is above all under the hood that the greatest new features are to be found. If the 14-megapixel camera remains the same, it is enriched by the full-HD with 60 frames per second. However, 4k is not on the agenda. But it is above all at the level of the people detection algorithm that improvements have been made. The device is now designed to follow the targeted subjects without “Stalling.”

To “Lock” a person, just point the camera at him or her and tap on it from the smartphone application. All we have to do is fly the drone. The latter then manages to maintain the focus on the subject as much as possible.

Take-off from the palm of your hand

use fpv cockpit and glassesOn the same principle, it is possible to activate a tracking mode which will also associate the position of the smartphone via its GPS. This way, you don’t have to drive, the bebop two power sticks to the basque of the smartphone wearer. Note that it is possible to lock a permanent shooting angle. A small bonus, like Spark, it is possible to make the UAV take off from the hand from the moment the cabin holds it.

In addition to these options, the drone is equipped with four modes designed to give original angles of view to the selfies. Thus, the drone can orbit around the subject or make a parabola. Another mode allows you to shoot circular shots at an increasingly broad range. The only thing to worry about is that this drone, supposedly a follower of social networks, doesn’t have live streaming features on facebook live or youtube.

Other modes are planned to create landscape shooting scenarios, with traveling and vertical camera movements associated with panoramas. For the rest, according to the manufacturer, the range is inflated with five minutes more than the previous version which was limited to 25 minutes.

The price of this bebop two power oversubscribed is 849 dollars with a folding FPV glasses (parrot cockpit glasses 2), two batteries and the sky controller remote control.

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